Thursday, February 10, 2022

Aluminium Foil Packaging For Food [RM 1.80- RM 2.50]



KEEP FOOD AT DESIRED TEMPERATURE FOR HOURS. The cold bags are an ideal solution to keep your warm food warm and cold food cold for hours, be it seafood, fruits, drinks, milk FOOD SAFE REUSABLE BAGS

Our insulated thermal bags are made up of Aluminum film, Foam Paper, which are all food-safe.

They are lightweight, moisture proof, shock proof and thermal insulation.


Material: EPE pearl cotton complex aluminum foil

2-3mm Thickness

【Special Function】Our insulation bag allow you to adapt to shipping variables while lowering costs. Those can insulation keeps frozen, warm, hot and cold foods for long time. As like car trunk organizer you can transport groceries from store to fridge or freezer and ice as cooler bag for picnic. Aesthetically pleasing and hygienic materials. 
【Multi-Purpose】: Foil is used in many ways to maintain and preserve freshness and act as a barrier. Transport or carry all your hot or cold items! This liner is ideal for shipping anything from fish to pharmaceuticals. The Metallized Bubble Liner can save up to 85% on warehouse storage over EPS and up to 60% on inbound or outbound freight. Great for overnight and priority shipping. Commonly used for transporting perishable food, flowers, and pharmaceuticals.

【ECO LITE】The structure of the heat shield can resist three basic heat transfer modes: Conduction: By putting two opposing surfaces together, heat can be transferred from one source to another. The denser the object, the more conductive it will be. Radiation: Our foil can reflect up to 97% of the surface energy. The combination of 3 specific co-extruded layers can meet the most severe challenges.


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